Criteria for Inclusion as a Presidential Candidate

Below are the criteria uses to determine which presidential candidates we include on our website 2016 Election To be included on our site, a presidential candidate must:

  1. File all of the proper paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and receive an FEC "Candidate ID" number.

  2. Have active campaigns operating in more than one state. Suspended campaigns will be considered inactive.

  3. Exceed $2,000,000 in campaign contributions from individual donations or contributions/loans from the candidate him or herself (not including PAC or SuperPAC funds), and/or win the national political party nomination for US president in one of the four parties whose candidates received over 250,000 votes in the 2012 presidential election: Democrat, Green, Libertarian, and Republican.

  4. Be legally eligible to become US president

  5. Not have publicly and officially declared himself/herself out of the race

Candidates must continually meet all of the above criteria. We will add candidates who meet these criteria, and we will stop updating the profiles of candidates who no longer do.