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Republican Presidential Candidate
Real Estate Developer and
TV Personality

Full Name: Donald John Trump
Birthdate: June 14, 1946
Birthplace: Queens, New York City, NY
Marital Status: Married
Children: Five
Religion: Presbyterian

  • Co-Producer and Host, The Celebrity Apprentice, 2008-2015
  • Executive Producer and Host, The Apprentice, 2003-2015
  • CEO, The Trump Organization (formerly Elizabeth Trump and Son), 1968-present

  • BS, Economics, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, 1968
  • Attended, Fordham University
  • Graduated from New York Military Academy
  • Attended, Kew-Forest School

Affiliations and Awards:
  • Co-owner, Miss USA
  • Co-owner, Miss Teen USA
  • Co-owner, Miss Universe
  • Honorary Doctor of Business Administration, Liberty University, 2012
  • Honorary Doctor of Business Administration, Robert Gordon University, 2010

  • His sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, is a Senior US Circuit Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, appointed by Bill Clinton (previously appointed to the US District Court for the District of New Jersey by Ronald Reagan).
  • His mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, immigrated from Scotland
  • In 2015, Forbes estimated Trump’s net worth at $4 billion
  • Four of Trump’s businesses have declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Trump’s Taj Mahal (1991), Trump Plaza Hotel (1992), Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts (2004), and Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009)

Select Publications:
  • Time to Get Tough: Making America No. 1 Again, 2011
  • Cowritten with Robert Kiyosaki, Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich-And Why Most Don't, 2011
  • Trump Never Give Up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success, 2008
  • Trump: The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received: 100 Top Experts Share Their Strategies, 2007
  • Trump 101: The Way to Success, 2007
  • Cowritten with Bill Zanker Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life, 2007
  • Cowritten with Robert Kiyosaki, Why We Want You to Be Rich: Two Men – One Message, 2006
  • Trump: The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received, 2005
  • Trump: Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life, 2004
  • The Way to the Top: The Best Business Advice I Ever Received, 2004
  • Trump: How to Get Rich, 2004
  • Cowritten with Dave Shiflett, The America We Deserve, 2000
  • Cowritten with Kate Bohner, Trump: The Art of the Comeback, 1997
  • Trump: The Art of Survival, 1991
  • Trump: Surviving at the Top, 1990
  • Trump: The Art of the Deal, 1987

Contact Information:
Phone: None listed
E-Mail: www.donaldjtrump.com/contact